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Safe in My Garden

by Krissanthemum

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gay "Safe in My Garden" is filled to the brim with personality, mixing vibrant arrangements with introspective and honest lyrics. In other words, it's everything pop music should be and everything that Krissanthemum does best Favorite track: Let Me Tell You About This Thing That Happened.
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What’s on my mind when time is free: A struggle to sit patiently. We’re overwhelmed with possibilities. We’ve got big plans (maybe one day) On the other side of the window pane. Through parted fingers safety flares peek in to show that someone cares to light a torch and guide me through mistakes. We’ve got big plans (maybe one day) On the other side of the window pane. Do you know what would make this better? I know. You do you. Do that thing you do to see things through, You just do you. You make this better. What’s on my mind when no one’s there are mostly things that make me scared. I’m thankful for our telepathic waves. An open door, time passes by. I watch it move, then meet your eyes. In, or out? The doubt stands in our way. We’ve got big plans (Maybe one day, But I’m stuck on the tv, glass half empty.) I know you have your reservations, (I should just stay) but there’s free refills on the way.
Thanks for picking up my call with no warning at all. Just wanted to say, “Hey. I had a fucked up day.” I’ve got a lot to say, if that’s ok. Give me the go. Our stories flow. This time is letting me know: tears of the past don’t last, they’ve been replaced with laughs. Let me tell you about this thing that happened. Let me get your take. Sorry if it’s mundane, but the dread of this existence is balanced by our different kinds of sane. Let me listen to the things that happened while i was away. Keep on lifting us up. Keep lifting us higher. Keep us up to date. We just keep upgrading. When we’re up to date, we both feel upgraded. Hey, it’s been so many days since you’ve seen my face. I look like a disgrace. At least you’re not afraid. With you, I have a place where it’s ok. Complain and groan about student loans. Climbing the slope side by side. Then you shout, “On belay!” Upwards and on our way.
Had a minute to burn. I was feeling alone. I remember a time, “See you at home.” I’m seeing your face, and wishing that we were in the same place. Do you see what I mean? I love what I’m seeing but I hate that I’m seeing it all through a screen. Are you feeling this too? Oh, it’s strange that I wonder if you’re missing me as much as I’m missing you. Though there’s no routine, finding time in between, moments that overlap sharing life through the glass. I see your face, still wishing that we were in the same place. Talk to you soon. Call me in the morning, or ring, ring in the evening. Buzz, buzz, but you’re on the clock. Ring, ring- straight to voicemail. Buzz, buzz, but I’ll try again, try again soon.
The winter wind came blowing in. I feel it in my bones. The place that brings me warmth first, I’ll stay. I’m finding it my own way. Asking too many questions. Reading outdated maps. Thinking that there’s instructions for bridging surprising gaps. The only escape here seems to be whiskey, ice cream, sleepless dreams.
Grass 04:32
The earth is moving right underneath me. I feel it shifting, feel the gravity. These heavy days don’t slow the life that’s passing by. Welcome back, sunbeams. Nature reaches up. The April showers have filled my empty cup. It’s been a long trip. This first sip tastes of clarity. When it’s too cold, the grass is dying. Things heat back up. It’s time for trying. Don’t you know it’s time for trying again soon. The breeze recalling when I shivered; in its new role, life is delivered. It’s sprouting up all around.
Gone Away 03:32
I can feel the seasons affecting the conditions, but can’t find any reason for all your superstitions. They won’t be pushing down on me; Pushing down on me too much. I turn down the shit that they say. Here it comes as quickly as it goes, no time left to impose. Gone away, gone away, gone away. Atmosphere that’s ready to explode, you can just let it flow. Gone away, gone away, gone away. Keeping with the rhythm of a new beginning. Bury my aversion for your narrow vision. It won’t be pushing down on me; Pushing down on me too much. I turn down the shit that they say.


Safe in My Garden is a collection of songs written, arranged, and recorded between fall 2018-spring 2019. These songs served as my final project while completing a Masters in Music, Studio Composition, at SUNY Purchase. They were revisited with a fresh perspective and remixed by myself this past winter. The lyrics reflect a time where I was focused on making an effort to stay connected with friends while feeling physically isolated, and mustering up the spirit to tune out destructive negativity while trying to stay self-motivated in an uncertain and ever changing world. The music surrounding these lyrics is built from a psychedelic collage of percussive samples from my everyday life, lo-fi 8-track influenced distorted guitars, classical piano inspired riffs, catchy pop hooks, echoing choral harmonies, shimmery tape loops, mysterious digital feedback, worn out vinyl records, and out of the box synth programming. The seeds planted by those who have educated and inspired me were watered by careful listening, reflection and introspection, tended to through dedicated practice and attentive production, and have finally bloomed into something I can share. This sound was cultivated in an environment where I was free to learn and grow as an independent spirit, capable of making art for the love of it, Safe in My Garden.

Proceeds donated to:

www.afrorack.org : a Chicago based audio arts organization committed to providing children and young adults of color access to modular synthesizers and sound design tools, a collection of workshops, seminars, and ambitious programming centered around STEM education.
www.womensaudiomission.org : a nonprofit organization that uses music and media and an incredible “carrot” of a training environment – the only professional recording studio in the world built and run by women/GNC individuals – to attract over 2,000 underserved women/girls/GNC individuals every year to STEM and creative technology studies that inspire them to amplify their voices and become the innovators of tomorrow.


released July 3, 2020

All songs written, arranged, recorded and produced by Krissy Lassiter
Music and lyrics on "Through the Glass" by Zachary O'Brien and Krissy Lassiter
Piano on "Through the Glass" performed by Eugene Posniewski
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge NYC assisted by Chris Allgood
Art by Elena Fortune


all rights reserved



Krissanthemum New York, New York

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